Welcome to bCompliance

At StelCore, we take the stride to be a strategic partner in the Government’s key initiatives – ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’. And in this regard, we have pioneered by introducing India’s first ever legal and Compliance mobile application, bCompliance.

"bCompliance" offers Regulatory Compliance services to assist the Corporates for Compliance management in efficient and productive manner at reasonable cost. It is an project built on the idea to make the ever increasing compliance management related headache, a thing of the past. This app is available on all the three major platforms such as iOS , Google Play and Windows Store.


Stelcore incorporated in 2011 with high morale and having a team highly enriched in experience of Indian businesses working across the functions of corporate strategy, management consultancy, fund raising, finance, operations and compliances.
Our key focus areas are Management Consulting, Fund raising (Equity and Debt), Financial & compliance management and India Entry services (including Business setup services). We also hand-hold existing and new ventures to identify and design a profitable business structure and help them in management, business setup, raising funds through equity and debt instruments, Compliance management for growth and development.

Vision & Mission Statement

With long-term relationship orientation, deep sense of ownership & transparent professional approach, Stelcore aims to be the top consulting partner for problem solving, end-to end solution delivery and strategy & finance advisory for Indian and foreign clients.

Stelcore shall strive to be a universe-friendly, high productivity human organization, creating sustainable value in and through all its endeavours by means that are ethically and morally above questioning